Become a Highly Successful Real Estate Investor through Mortgage Notes

Without The Headaches of Owning Real Property

  • Start out with limited capital - You don't need a huge amount of capital to start the Mortgage Note Business
  • How to find mortgage notes - So that you can steadily grow your business and increase your cash-flow
  • Create a mindset to take massive action - Know what it takes to think like a successful investor and Become The Bank!

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Who is Bill McCafferty?
  • Bill McCafferty is a full-time Asset Manager / Note Investor
  • Built two successful Note Businesses
  • Managed well over 1,000 Mortgage Notes to date
  • Over 15 years of experience dealing with Mortgage Notes
  • Built a seven-figure loan balance portfolio that pays him every month
  • Optimises Cash Flow and Multiple Streams of Income
Bill's true skill is building & managing Portfolios of Re-Performing & Non-Performing 2nd Mortgage Notes. Bill's attitude towards this business is to help keep homeowners in their homes. Sometimes before homeowners speak with Bill they believe they don't have many options. Many are afraid they will be forced to leave their home. Bill takes a lot of pride in making sure homeowners know all their options, so they can choose what is best for them. Bill negoatiates fair deals to both homeonwers and clients, creating win-win deals for all parties involved.  It's been very important with Bill from the beginning to use ethical business practices.

Bill's motivation for creating this Education Program is that he's continuously looking to grow and expand his network around the country. He really enjoys assisting other Note Investors in the business. Bill specializes in building simple procedures, processes and systems. This allows him to manage Assets, Attorneys, Homeowners, Note Portfolios and Servicers across the country. 
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"I've been in the real estate and note investing space for over 12 years. As an experienced note investor, I've worked with Bill McCafferty, and the folks at PMR II to help with the workout of my assets for many years. Bill and his team are the types of people that I know, like, and trust. Many times, Bill would make a suggestion or recommend a technique that I didn't think of to affect the outcome of my assets positively. No matter your skill level, you will learn a lot from Bill! "

Ralph Marshall
Wilmington Financial, LLC
"I am a note investor specializing in non-performing 2nd liens. I purchased my first note in 2014 and have benefited from Bill McCafferty’s knowledge ever since. Bill McCafferty draws from his experience with hundreds of loan workouts, modifications, and negotiations. This is a big deal, at least for me, because few people have seen this amount of deals or have such a specialized skillset. If you are serious about non-performing 2nd liens and growing your business, Bill McCafferty is who you want to learn from and grow with. I’m very thankful to have met Bill McCafferty early on, and I continue to learn from him. I can’t say enough good things."
Joshua N. Andrews
Notable Investments

“Bill McCafferty is a highly respected veteran in the note investing industry who has a tremendous depth of experience managing assets. His superb skills, together with the highly organized systems that he has developed, have allowed him to scale his business and to achieve amazing success over the past decade. Any student seeking to learn and to develop their skills with highly effective strategies to scale their business would be very well served by taking advantage of this education program.”
Fred Moskowitz
Liberties Management Corporation

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